About Us




Hook Industrial Sales was created in 1970 by Tom Hook. Originally established to supply companies with seals and packing for in-house repair service, the company quickly expanded to include rebuilding hydraulic and pneumatic components. Over the last fifty years, H.I.S. has rebuilt virtually every possible cylinder configuration from a wide variety of OEM manufacturers. Such extensive experience led to our expansion into newly manufactured and custom-ordered cylinders and components.

At Hook Industrial Sales, we take pride in offering the best possible configurations backed by our years of experience and customer-oriented approach. Currently, over one hundred employees are located in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Blytheville to serve our customer’s needs. H.I.S. has responded to the introduction of metric seals and components from Asia and Europe ahead of our competition. Additionally, we do extensive work on Mill type cylinders and have the capacity to manufacture seals as large as 2700 millimeters in diameter and rods up to 9000 mm long.

Hook Industrial Sales has responded to changes in our industry and the demands of customers with an aggressive approach to growth and change. As our customers needs have changed, we have adapted and changed. One thing that will never change is our commitment to the highest quality products at the right price and the right time. We are truly a customer-oriented company.


Hook Industrial Sales, Inc. original mission was to supply companies with seals and packing for in-house repairs. While our business has expanded, we maintain an extensive inventory of seals from over twenty domestic and foreign seal manufacturers. Our inventory includes seals up to 60 inches in diameter. Additionally, Hook recognized the need for custom seals with the introduction of metric-based equipment. Currently a leader in manufacturing custom seals, we can machine seals up to 110 inches in diameter. Our broad inventory and custom manufacturing ability allow us to significantly improve customer service by eliminating manufacturer lead- time. We deliver quality products to our customers in the shortest amount of time.